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We want the City and DWP to fulfill their obligation to our lake, land, and community. We want the reservoir refilled sustainbly, the banks modified to be more beautiful and support wildlife, the land behind the fences restored and accessible. We can't wait to participate in the Master Planning process! Sign on below and join us.
Please sign our petition!
We did it! Master Plan Update

Remaking the lake

The Silver Lake Reservoirs system has been brought offline and will no longer store drinking water for Los Angeles. This creates an incredible opportunity for the City of Los Angeles, the Department of Water and Power, our elected officials, our design community, and for the residents of Los Angeles to create an incredible new public resource. We are looking forward to the launch of the new Master Plan process!

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Our petition

We want the DWP to fulfill its obligation to our lake, land, and community. We demand that the City of Los Angeles:

1. Refill Silver Lake Reservoir as soon as possible in an environmentally sustainable way (COMPLETED!!);

2. Fully fund a feasibility study for the responsible transition and future management of the Reservoir Complex, with community input on new uses for this amazing public resource. (FUNDED!! Thank you DWP!)

3. Modify existing Reservoir banks to be scenic, safe and supportive of plant life that enriches water quality;

4. Restore and beautify the 31 acres of land currently within the fences through a plan that values access, beauty and conservation, with minimal impact to the local neighborhood;


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Update:  May 16, 2018

Please share your opinion on the Master Plan Scope and Consultant before 5/22/18!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Master Plan Community meeting on May 1st. It was a wonderful showing of people from the neighborhood who are exciting about the future of the Reservoirs. We encourage everyone who wasn't able to attend (and those who did, too!) to COMMENT ONLINE ABOUT THE MASTER PLAN.

The overwhelming majority of people at the event were excited to learn about the Master Plan process and shared their ideas to increase access to the site. We recommend that you comment and share these priorities for the master plan - plus your own! Ask the City to:

  • Reduce the size of the DWP footprint on the site as much as possible, to the minimum area required to maintain water operations
  • Provide safe and beautiful public access through wetlands and natural banks that increase wildlife habitat and improve water health
  • Remove fences to increase public access
  • Focus on long-term sustainability and the future of water for our region
  • Include the LADWP operational needs in the Master Plan...

Our board

Silver Lake Forward is a coalition of homeowners, businesses, designers, renters, parents, kids, and pet owners. We support responsible, neighborhood-centered planning for the reservoirs. Questions? Please reach out to [email protected]

  • Robert Soderstrom
    Robert Soderstrom is a co-founder and President of Silver Lake Forward. He is the owner of Puck Creative group, an Emmy-nominated advertising agency in Los Angeles. He lives in Silver Lake with his family.
  • Jocelyn Hayes Simpson
    Jocelyn Hayes Simpson is the Vice President of Silver Lake Forward. She is a film and television producer. She and her family live in Silver Lake.
  • Catherine Geanuracos
    Catherine is a co-founder of Silver Lake Forward. She is the cofounder of CityGrows, a technology platform for local government and served as Vice President of the Innovation and Performance Commission for the City of Los Angeles for three years. She is a Silver Lake homeowner and frequent visitor to the Silver Lake dog park.
  • Craig Collins
    Craig has worked in conservation advocacy and creative strategy for over 35 years and is a former President of the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy. He is a photographer, writer and graphic designer, serving environmental, conservation, public art, institutional, health care, religious and non-profit clients.
  • Rick Corsini, AIA
    Rick is a long-time Silver Lake Resident and a partner at Corsini Stark Architects. He was born in Los Angeles and received his Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University and his Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona. His work has been published nationally and internationally, and in addition to over 20 years of professional practice, he has held faculty appointments at schools of architecture including Cal Poly Pomona, Woodbury University, and most recently, the University of Southern California.
  • Gary Ventimiglia
    Gary is a producer and creative executive and a Silver Lake Resident. He developed the name for Silver Lake Forward's annual "Embrace the Lake" event.
  • Tracy Fleischman Morgenthau and Kramer Morgenthau
    Tracy and Kramer are long time Silver Lake residents. Kramer is an Emmy-nominated and ASC award-winning cinematographer. Tracy is a photographer and consultant who is taking time off to spend with their young twins.
  • Helen Munro-Uziel
    Helen is a Silver Lake resident and parent. She works in information technology for financial services and is trained as an engineer.
  • Gustavo Herrera
    Gustavo is the Director of Young Invincibles, the largest millennial-focused advocacy and policy organization in the nation. He was the former museum director of the LA County museum, L.A. Plaza de Cultura y Artes, and he's also led a community foundation dedicated to nurturing classical music and performance artists. He is a passionate community builder and a fierce advocate for education, health equity, and the transformational power of art. He grew up in Silver Lake.
  • Luke Wood and Sophia Nardin
    Luke Wood is President of Beats Electronics. Luke and Sophia have been Silver Lake residents since 1994, and along with their daughters recently purchased Silvertop, one of Silver Lake's most notable architectural treasures.
  • Moby
    Moby is a musician and author, and is owner of Little Pine, an organic vegan restaurant in Silver Lake..
  • Elaine Roark
    Elaine is a Silver Lake resident, environmental attorney, SLNC At-Large Representative and is trained as a Landscape Architect.
  • Schuyler Senft-Grupp, PhD
    Schuyler is an environmental engineer who specializes in developing new environmental sensors, and serves as the Secretary/ Treasurer for Silver Lake Forward. His interests include circuit design, sensor systems, and data analysis for environmental systems.

Advisory Board

  • Barbara Bestor
  • Nancy Berglass
  • Claudia Borzutzky Lopez, MD
  • Angela Eaton
  • Roel Hinojosa
  • Lisa Edelstein and Robert Russell
  • Zach Aarons
  • Clare Vivier
  • Sarah Ullman
  • Kira Teshima
  • Marissa Gluck
  • River LA
  • Harvey Englander and Donna Black
  • Alex De Ocampo
  • Trust for Public Land