Update:  June 21, 2016

Reservoir construction Snapshot #11

Construction plans are moving along quickly! It won't be much longer until the water pipeline is complete. The majority of the pipeline is covered in concrete encasing. There are a few visible pipes outside the pipeline that seem to getting "prepped" for placement. Check out this week's progress here:

Silver Lake Forward is committed to the Silver Lake Reservoir continuing as a beautiful urban body of water. We look forward to hearing from DWP and the City of Los Angeles about a sustainable water source, and what a reasonable timeline is to get water back into the lake, given our drought conditions. We encourage the use of recycled/ reclaimed water. We need a community planning process and feasibility study to determine future uses for the Reservoir that support access, beauty, and conservation. We trust that this planning can happen in parallel with construction. We don't want to slow down the process of getting water back in the lake, and we also want to make sure we use the time the lake will be drained as wisely as possible.