Update:  August 10, 2016

Next steps and requests for the City of Los Angeles

Silver Lake Forward (SLF) members attended the public DWP meeting on June 30th, 2016 at Micheltorena Elementary. Representatives from LADWP and Councilmembers O'Farrell and Ryu provided an update on the construction progress and the next steps for the Silver Lake Reservoirs. While the meeting provided the community with answers to several open questions, SLF believes continued public engagement and site planning is required.

LADWP and the Councilmembers reaffirmed the City's commitment to restoring water in the Silver Lake Reservoirs. They are exploring several sustainable, non-potable water sources including available recycled water from treatment plants, well water, local stormwater capture, and the LA River. Their plan would ensure a long-term source of free, sustainable water for the Reservoirs in future years.

Construction of the Silver Lake Bypass Pipeline is on schedule to be completed January 2017, with the goal to begin refilling the reservoir in May or June 2017. Between January and May, LADWP will oversee additional construction improvements to enable circulation and transport of water within the Reservoir. These additions are necessary to maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem. During this time other Reservoir improvements can occur, both by LADWP and outside partners. For example, the LADWP has offered to remove parts of the asphalt lining and replace it with appropriate landscape treatment and plantings.

LADWP does not currently have plans for the property beyond its commitment to maintain the pipeline and dams. They are open to new uses for the property, including partnering with other agencies, such as Recreation and Parks, going forward.


By the next community meeting SLF asks for answers and/or commitments from the City of LA, LADWP and Councilmembers O'Farrell and Ryu:

  1. How much water per year is LADWP committed to allocating to the Silver Lake Reservoir?
  2. What is the short term plan for work in the basin while it is dry, including removal and landscaping of asphalt reservoir banks and installation of a water circulation system?
  3. Will the City commit funding for a professional community consultation, public planning and design process for the future of the 31 acres of land on the property?
  4. Will the City commit funding for a full multi-disciplinary feasibility study for the uses and long term sustainability of Silver Lake Reservoir, including specific details on water sources, enhanced wildlife habitat, and public space potential?
  5. Will the City designate a City official or staff member who will lead these processes inside the City, including developing partnerships with other agencies and non-profit/community stakeholders in long range planning, including Recreation and Parks, Sanitation, Transportation, and community/non-profit organizations?

Silver Lake Forward is dedicated to Access, Beauty, and Conservation. We support the conversion of the reservoirs into a more natural ecosystem, and believe that Silver Lake Reservoirs can help show the way to a happy, healthy and sustainable future for Los Angeles. We look forward to getting responses from the City and moving forward with planning for Silver Lake.